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Social Influence At Work

Disclosing our own ideas in order to have others adopt, support or enjoy our attitude is the motivation behind social activity. Results of social influence that can be witnessed every day in the way of peer pressure, obedience, leadership, conformity and persuasion.

Both the art of persuasion and the ability to influence are practiced by individuals and pointed toward other individuals beginning at birth. In the home, on the playground, and at the day-care center are some of the prominent places where we see persuasion and influence at work in changing behaviors.

In school, at the work place, from television, and screaming from storefronts we find there is constant effort to change behavior. Social exchanges have always been an active ingredient for influencing behavioral changes.

Plan path for social influenceAristotle is noted for recording his principles of persuasion in Rhetoric. Since that time, attempts have been made to define, and refine, the principles of psychology related to influence.

The power of persuasion has reached phenomenal levels of strength. Influence is not simply aimed toward the people next door or the local community anymore. Today, history is being made as Social Media actively influences cultural changes worldwide.

As circumstances have developed, The Maven Of Social Influence happens to be in a unique and unprecedented position to witness first hand Social Media at work. It’s exciting to observe individuals as they go about changing the world in which we live by participating through their memberships in the Social Media platforms.

It is not the ambition here, at the Maven site, to actually changing behavior. We wish only to provide information for the reader.

That information can then be used by the reader to make personal and/or business decisions about the ideas encountered daily from Social Media. It certainly has to be helpful for those who are being influenced, or who wish to influence others, to understand the how, the why and the resulting behavior that comes from practicing influence and persuasion.

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November 2015
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